Case Study: Barfoots – Leadership Training and Development

Helping Barfoots to grow leadership skills

Barfoots is a family business that grows, processes, packs and markets a range of semi-exotic produce for supply to major UK supermarkets and leading national restaurant chains.

Maintaining continuity and consistency is a challenge when the nature of your business means your workforce has to flex up and down to meet seasonal requirements.

To help the company develop and enable its leaders, Jigsaw Business Group was requested to design, execute, identify and implement a leadership assessment centre and subsequent leadership development training programme. In this seasonal business, where a significant percentage of staff are hired on short term and seasonal temporary contracts, we had to focus on knowledge retention and transferability within the desired leadership framework.

Because of these employment patterns, it was vitally important that the Jigsaw Business Group trainers developed a bespoke, effective and easily deliverable and repeatable training programme to enable the clients “trained trainers” to easily and effectively deliver the required “knowledge” to incoming seasonal staff. The development of trained trainers as front line leaders also ensured retained staff all became motivated effective trained leaders

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