Case Study: Bombardier – Bogey Re-manufacture

Process Diagnostics, analyses & improvement implementation

Engaged to conduct a value stream review, verify data, recommend & implement improvements to the 2-shift Bogey re-manufacturing operation at Crewe.

Problem statement:

Rail rolling-stock bogeys are re-manufactured at Bombardiers Crewe facility. Under new management we were requested to analyse the operation & recommend improvements to significantly improve efficiency.

What we did:

  • Value Stream Maps produced for the Bogey strip & rebuild operations
  • Time studies carried out across both shifts


  • Different methods / times on each shift
  • Batch building with significant bottlenecks
  • No performance monitoring – no production smoothing
  • Significant losses in waiting time
  • Poor workflow and housekeeping

The project benefits:

  • Implemented SOP [Standard Operating Procedures] on both shifts
  • Implemented 2nd turnover station & other layout changes to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Implemented QA schedule to remove waiting time
  • Produced method to produce all bogeys on a single shift with 18 headcount (initial headcount across 2 shifts = 39)
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