Case Study: High Value Jewellery Manufacturer – Quality Function Development

Our experience shines through

Problem statement:

  • Jigsaw Business Group were called to help fixing persisting quality problems of a branded high value jewellery manufacturer and to review and advise on their global quality operating processes and quality aspirations.

What we did:

  • We set up a team of International expert Quality Assurance practitioners to work to identify company and industry practices that could be enhanced by the application of proven automotive quality assurance tools and disciplines. The project activities were spread across several regions – Europe, Asia, US and deployed local practitioners.
  • We worked across the entire supply chain and were able to show the client how quality is impacted along the entire chain.
  • Once we helped containing the key defects, we developed the processes and policies to enable the client to become self-sufficient in their strive for product quality.

How we did it:

  • The real challenge faced by the Jigsaw team on this project was how to take automotive best practice quality tools and apply them in an industry with a completely different mindset and definition of Quality. Due care and practical technics were used to ensure we take the client with us on the journey from Quality Control to Quality Assurance.
  • It included the deployment of clear and robust policy, governance and structure; the inclusion of lessons learned feedback to design function DFMEA; the deployment of a structured NPD/NPI calendar and company wide use of standard problem-solving techniques 8D.
  • During the project we deployed key local experts: a design expert from Germany, a Problem-Solving expert in the US and a Quality Auditor in Thailand.

The result:

  • 10 of the 11 proposed changes put forward by Jigsaw were adopted and implemented by the client and have proved to have a significant positive impact on product quality, cost and timing.
  • The root cause of the main defect was identified and countermeasures put in place.
  • An additional scope item – a Product Recall Process – was designed and development by Jigsaw and is now fully implemented by the client.
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