How it works

How it works

Patented technology that will transform the way you work.

There are three integrated components to the Jigsawsafe patented technology.

1. Pro App

This is the front end of the Jigsawsafe product, used where a remote recorded event is needed.

Available on both iOS and Andriod, Pro App can record data in either scripted or unscripted formats meaning clients can choose the set-up best suited to their needs. For many, this is likely to be a scripted format and – utilising over 100 years’ combined industrial experience across multiple supply chains and STEM sectors – the Jigsawsafe team has compiled a comprehensive library of Forms designed to seamlessly and methodically guide clients through any field evaluation process.

Functionality includes:

  • Remote party two-way call capability
  • Video and image taking capacity
  • Configurable work flow form section
  • Secure media storage and encryption
  • Unique, tamper proof technology
  • Viewing and editing capacity
  • The removal of all digital imprints on upload.

2. Media Upload

This is the browser-based element of the Jigsawsafe product, enabling several parties to access the data simultaneously or separately either physically or remotely.

Clients can select the data they wish to view, and in the format they wish to view it, apply any filters, share with both internal and external parties and hold two-way calls.

Benefits include:

  • Promotion of data driven decision making
  • Elimination of travel time and associated costs
  • Significant efficiency improvements
  • Substantial carbon footprint reduction
  • Complete visibility on file shares and access
  • Full data control with allocated timeslots and access
  • Ability to work remotely, safely, securely and eliminating business risk.

3. Uploader

This element of the Jigsawsafe technology provides the flexibility to add supporting files to an existing event not captured using Pro App.

Benefits include:

Compatibility with over 40 file types

The capacity for both internal and external uploads

Secure storage, virus scanning and encryption

Encrypted sequencing included as part of the original event.