David Cordle

David has over 20 years of experience implementing high-impact process and cost improvement initiatives aligned with corporate goals. He has a proven record of directing large-scale facility integrations, new product launches, production line overhauls, and new business unit start-ups with profitable results. David has built a strong business acumen and in-depth understanding of the market demands guiding product development, manufacturing sourcing and strategy, and client relations and has experience leading teams and coaching executive staff in cross-cultural management skills in 21 countries.

David’s areas of expertise include: Strategic Planning; Change Management; Process and Procedure Improvement; Cost Control; Turnaround Programmes; Project/Programme Management; Six Sigma VE/VA; Kaizen; Quality Control; Product Development & Launch; Assembly Line Optimisation and Equipment Sourcing & Purchasing

David has worked with us on projects for Jaguar Land Rover and Quantum