Operations Manager


Title:   Operations manager


Location:   Budejovice on-site / Czech Republic

Permanent position



  • According to the company’s development strategy and requirements, decompose the organization’s business indicators, plan the implementation measures within the department, and support the achievement of department indicators.
  • According to production management requirements, coordinate department management and personnel adjustment, clarify workshop responsibilities, control staff turnover, enhance staff belonging, and create a positive and harmonious department culture.
  • Promote departmental cost control and cost improvement activities according to the company’s cost reduction target requirements, eliminate waste, achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving benefits.
  • Based on customer order conversion production plan, organize the department production, make the production process under controlled conditions, complete the production plan with quality and quantity。
  • Other work arranged by superiors




  • Have basic collection, sorting, analysis, implementation, thinking and coping, decision-making skills
  • Have certain communication skills, interpersonal skills, and spiritual abilities.
  • Office software skills
  • Czech &English
  • Familiar with car seat related expertise.
  • Have communication and coordination skills, be able to coordinate resources within the company,
  • Can effectively monitor the workshop plan development, support the company to achieve business targets.
  • Have certain organization and coordination ability, be able to communicate well with other departments.Have the ability of staff training, able to train staff at all levels for the future construction of the department.
  • Have good resource coordination ability, abnormal response, and quick processing ability.
  • 10+ years’ experience in completely seat plant. 5+ years of BMW customer experience and 5+ years of team management experience.