Process Engineer

Location:  Czech Repulic


The process engineer evaluates the state and function of the processes and devices of the existing production technology and proposes the innovation of inadequate or outdated production sections. Analyzes work cycles, optimizes production and material flows. He participates in the application of research and development results into practice and checks their success.


Main duties, responsibilities

  • Collaboration on determining optimal production layouts (layout) in terms of production development, material flow and maximum focus on value-adding activities and elimination of all types of waste
  • Measurement of work and cooperation in the calculation of production costs – determination of production times.
  • Calculation of the process and necessary machines / tools in the AutoQuote system according to CS company standards
  • Implementation of production times into the ERP system (SAP / FORS)
  • Setting up the BOM in the ERP system (SAP / FORS)
  • Creation of production documentation (process flow diagrams – flow charts, work and control instructions) so that the requirements of the TS 16 949 standard and specific customer requirements are met
  • Responsibility for convening a workshop to develop the PFMEA of a new process, for maintaining the current state of the PFMEA based on process improvement, or customer complaints and for the annual PFMEA update
  • Collaboration to create control plans together with the quality engineer
  • Update of production technical documentation when deploying technical changes or new products for serial production (in this case, determining the layout for new lines and determining the necessary new production equipment, media supplies, energy…)
  • Cooperation with program managers and engineers during the introduction of new products into series production.
  • Creation of specifications for new production equipment and tools in accordance with company standards, including consideration of SMED & Poka-yoka methods
  • Creation of AR including Cash Flow (in cooperation with the finance department) for new projects and investments
  • Issuing requests to the internal ordering system for ordering machinery, tools and services, negotiating with suppliers of production equipment
  • Responsibility for the proper commissioning of the machinery from the supplier according to the prepared assignment and according to the standards of the CS company and putting the equipment into serial production
  • Monitoring the project budget based on approved and released investments
  • Participation in workshops aimed at optimizing production processes and eliminating waste
  • Assessing manufacturability of parts and communicating with program engineers
  • Responsibility for fulfilling “deliverables” in the EnterProj system and uploading the necessary documents to this system
  • Coordination of debugging tools and fixtures
  • Management and coordination of teams within assigned production lines with a focus on eliminating scrap and increasing efficiency
  • Technical advice to customers.
  • Weekly reporting to the supervisor on the stages of individual projects.
  • Preparing 2 LPA audits per month
  • Responsible for submitting two proposals for KAIZEN/SKORONEHODA including active participation in workshops
  • Cooperation with other plant departments.
  • Adherence to 6S principles and continuous improvement.
  • Contributing with suggestions to reduce waste, improve efficiency and process quality.
  • Duty to take care of your own safety and health. Obligation to comply with directives and regulations establishing the principles of environmental protection, EMS, OSH and PO. Checking compliance with these guidelines and regulations in the team. Risk assessment at workplaces.
  • Adherence to the company’s quality policy and quality objectives.
  • Compliance with work rules and other directives (orders and orders of the director, etc.) issued by the company in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Compliance with the principles of the Code of Ethics.


Required knowledge/education, qualifications/skills and/or experience (typical education, years of experience and functional technical specification, required certifications) • At least secondary professional education• PFMEA• Knowledge of English or German at a communicative level• SPC, OEE, Lean methods, PPM• Creation of technological procedures• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office• Visual management• Specific customer requirements










Required social skills (required to perform the essential functions of the job)


  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate
  • Independence
  • Ability to solve problems, plan and organize work
  • Reliability, diligence


Work environment/working conditions (the environment in which the work is performed and any physical requirements of the position, e.g. travel, telecommuting) • Administrative premises of the company, occasionally production premises• Obligation to observe health and safetyActivity according to:- ISO 14001, IATF 16949- Integrated Management System (IMS) and Cooper Standard Operating System (CSOS)- Adequate quality / health, safety and environment (HSE) objectives- Internal procedures and guidelines