USS Detection Algo Eng

Location: Frankfurt / hybrid work

Duration: 6 months , 1st December till 1st June

A functions system position requiring knowledge on the ADAS usage of ultrasonics and the ability to apply raw sensor data into useful data

Skills Needed:

  • In-depth knowledge of the usage of ultrasonic sensors in Advanced Driver
  • Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Understanding of the functionality and capabilities of ultrasonic sensors used in automotive applications
  • Experience in implementing algorithms for converting raw ultrasonic sensor data into actionable insights for ADAS applications
  • Proficient in designing and conducting tests to validate the performance of
  • ADAS functions

Skills Wanted:

  • Proficiency in designing and optimizing functional systems
  • Knowledge of sensor fusion techniques
  • Experience in calibrating ADAS systems, particularly those involving ultrasonic sensors, to ensure accurate and reliable performance
  • Experience in developing algorithms for embedded systems, understanding constraints and considerations in automotive environments
  • Knowledge of safety standards and regulations relevant to ADAS systems, ensuring compliance in the design and implementation of functions.