1/3 Say They Would Quit Their Job for a Greener Employer

1/3 Say They Would Quit Their Job for a Greener Employer

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

Climate change is high on UK workers’ agenda, as a growing amount say they would consider quitting their job to work for a greener employer.

Jobs site, Totaljobs has recently found that almost 30% of workers in the UK would be willing to leave their current position in order to work for an organisation who they considered more environmentally-friendly. This figure rises to a staggering 50% when asking the same question to millennials (ages 23-38), demonstrating the critical need for employers to start being more environmentally-conscious.

It doesn’t stop there either. On average, employees were willing to accept a salary reduction of £8,100 annually if it meant moving to a greener employer. Again, millennial workers stated they would drop their salaries by an average of £11,400.

Candidates are increasingly searching for green credentials before applying for a job with an employer, with 50% of the workforce stating they would at least consider not joining a company because of their environmental practices. Over 1/3 of 22 to 38 year olds said they would refuse to work for a company they considered to be harmful to the environment.

80% of UK workers think their employer has a responsibility to do something about the environment.

So what can businesses do to become a greener employer?

In order to retain and attract workers, it is imperative that organisations reduce their carbon footprint and address the impact they are currently having on the environment.

Remarkably, almost 60% of employees are willing to accept cutting spending elsewhere, for example on staff parties, events and company furniture, in order to fund green initiatives.

In terms of cutting your carbon footprint, there are various ways for businesses to do this.

If you haven’t already installed LED lighting into your warehouses or facilities then what are you waiting for? Switching to LED lights and converting to a green energy supplier are the quickest and simplest ways to begin demonstrating to your employees that you’re striving to protect the divorcement.

Other green initiatives include installing solar panels on the ground or roof of your building, or wind turbines to generate your own energy.

Head of Marketing at Totaljobs, says,

With a widely reported skills shortage, employers have the opportunity to showcase a clear commitment to reducing carbon emissions and help tackle the climate crisis. A step, which could make the difference in attracting the UK’s most sought-after workers.


Our sister company, Ecusol, have been supporting organisations to dramatically improve their green credentials, reduce costs and lower their energy consumption since 2010, gaining Carbon Trust accreditation in 2016.

They are currently offering a free energy usage assessment to companies who are trying to improve their carbon footprint, in light of the recent climate concern.

Contact Brad Patchcott on 0191 228 6596 or brad@ecusol.com to discuss greener initiatives.


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