3 Major Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Affect the Automotive Industry

3 Major Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Affect the Automotive Industry

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

How Is AI Affecting Your Journey?

There’s no doubt about it that the automotive industry has advanced enormously over the years and cars are becoming increasingly intelligent each day, with the ability to perform most actions that a driver can.

Artificial Intelligence means that cars themselves will be able to inform you when there’s a problem, by constantly examining if there’s any issues and predicting future problems and servicing costs. Driver’s will not be permitted to forget about upcoming check-ups or ignore any issues, thus making journeys safer and more predictable.

In today’s world, voice commands are commonly used in the home, with the likes of the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. However, vehicles are soon going to be using AI to react to various commands made by drivers. Commands such as making calls and reading texts aloud are currently in use, but soon we will be able to adjust the lighting, temperature and music, and use the Sat-Nav simply by voice recognition.

Artificial Intelligence also has the ability to continuously check the weather, road traction, obstructions in the roads, and other cars and how close they are to your car. Those are just to name a few of the safety features that AI can perform to protect you when driving.

Self-Driving Cars


Driverless vehicles are not permitted to travel on public roads yet, however the concept is certainly nearing a reality. The UK especially have invested huge amounts of money into autonomous cars, aiming to be the leader of driverless vehicles and for them to be on the roads by 2021. Many companies, including Tesla, Google and Uber have invested millions, if not billions into producing self-driving cars. They use lasers, sensors and 360-degree cameras to make driving much safer and have less accidents occur on the road as they eliminate the human element that is responsible for 90% of vehicle accidents.

Reforming the Manufacturing Process


Artificial Intelligence has the power to completely reform automotive manufacturing and make processes quicker and more efficient. The rising intelligence of robots may soon lead to the replacement of workers in many factories.

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables machinery to convey operational information to all business associates, so managers can manage the factories from a distance. It also allows complete monitoring of production lines from start to finish, reducing waste and allowing workers to keep a close eye on the entire process.


The use of AI is going to lead to supply chains becoming much leaner; using inventory tracking, accurate forecasting so that supply is equal to demand and no stock is wasted, whilst handling unexpected peaks in demand.

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