Patented technology that will transform the way you work.


A Secure Authorized Field Evaluation Technology

Jigsawsafe®️ is an app-based digital tool that enables the capturing of tamper-proof, and therefore evidential data in the form of photos, videos, and digital forms.

Saving time, money, and reducing carbon footprint:

  • Digital forms enable remote users to follow predefined set of instructions to complete complex operations
  • Allowing teams to remotely see and verify in real time what is actually happening in the supply chain
  • Remote users can access ad-hoc help via secure, recorded, and tamper-proof video link
  • Ensuring fact driven discussion and action planning
  • Supporting teams to collaborate remotely, gather, share, and store data securely

Seeing is believing: Patented tamper-proof technology adds geo and time stamp to the captured media to create evidence of an event happening