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9 Specialist Roles We Filled in 2019

Specialist Roles Jigsaw Business Group Filled This Year Jigsaw Business Group has enjoyed a great year. We have been able to build great relationships with new clients and strengthen our relationships with our existing. This has been achieved through our maintained excellence in communication with our clients. We have been able to place candidates within…


5 Stage Recruitment Process

5 Stage Recruitment Process When finding the perfect fit for your business, we utilise our 5-stage recruitment process. Our team use this process to remove all candidates who aren’t right for your organisation. Recruiting candidates for your business is difficult. Let us carry out our 5-stage recruitment process to help your business employ the right…


2-Year 100% Retention Rate

2-year 100% Retention Rate Here at, Jigsaw Business Group, we think we are a bit different. We align your job description with our vision of what your business needs to operate effectively. We give our expert opinion; based on experience of operating within the industries we have served for decades. As a result of this, we have…


Top Benefits of Hiring Interim Professionals

At Jigsaw People, we have a dedicated team connecting businesses all over the globe with the right interim professionals to assist with a specific project or offer assistance in a critical period. Hiring interims is often a preferred recruitment method for many of our clients. It comes with numerous advantages, including saving on time, money…


Top Eight CV Mistakes That You Should Avoid

When a potential employer opens a CV, the first thing they are looking to do, is reject the application. An employer has one vacancy and hundreds of advert responses to screen. It’s easier to reject a candidate than to progress someone to the hiring team. As a potential candidate, there are 8 CV mistakes that…


Should You Use a Recruitment Consultancy? – 5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter Over Doing It Yourself

As a business, hiring someone to work for you is an extremely time consuming process, uses a lot of resources and can be very expensive. Often, it doesn’t work out; the employee may not be the right fit and the cost implications can be huge for an employer. An incorrect hire can cost a business…

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