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2019 Supply Chain Statistics | 10 MORE Shocking Figures

Earlier this year, we brought you our Top 10 Shocking Supply Chain Statistics. Here’s ten more 2019 supply chain statistics that will surprise you and make you question how your business compares to these figures. 1. 57% of Businesses Have Poor Visibility Across Their Supply Chain Only 23% of businesses have a credible mapping system,…


Supply Chain Strengthening

No-Deal Brexit “Many companies are ill-prepared for a no-deal Brexit”. This is especially worrying in the current climate, as many manufacturing businesses are unsure of the effects a no deal Brexit may have. Here at Jigsaw Business Group, we know our stuff! Offering services to strengthen supply chains, to ensure continual operations prior to, during…


Supply Chain Statistics | Top 10 SHOCKING Figures

Top 10 Shocking Supply Chain Statistics Getting your supply chain right is difficult. Use these shocking statistics, and our other list of ten more shocking supply chain statistics, to optimise your operations. Getting it wrong: Over 1/3 of firms don’t know how their suppliers are performing. Lack of time and software, understaffing, people forgetting, and…