EEF interview Dean Stennett and Yaniv Oren about collaboration and innovation

EEF interview Dean Stennett and Yaniv Oren about collaboration and innovation

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

Jigsaw Business Group helps Applied Component Technology Ltd develop New product that delivers major weight savings and high security for airlines

Jigsaw and ACT were National Winners of the Smart Product Award at the EEF National Manufacturing Awards 2016

ACT wanted to develop a new product to transform their company after a period of declining revenue. Their idea for a new product meant moving into a new sector – aviation – using eco composite materials that, at the time, had not yet been developed. All this against stringent Customer’s weight and cost targets, and what is more, they wanted to do this within the space of just seven months.

The short development time meant that without external support there was no chance to deliver this accelerated development project. Jigsaw provided skilled core resources which, together with ACT’s core team, formed an integrated, collocated project team.

Working together, the team developed the SmartCart, an aviation galley cart made from lightweight, green, natural fibre and bio-resin composite materials. Each cart weighs 5 kilos less than comparable carts and meets all the stringent safety requirements of the aviation industry, as well as meeting their customer’s cost and timing targets.

This adds value to their customers in aviation as it translates to major fuel savings. They also added value by integrating an AirGaurd, electronic lock from Security Seal Technology Ltd., which means carts can be tracked all around the world, and delivering much more robust security.

Collaboration allowed for the successful delivery of the project with ACT benefiting from Jigsaw’s resources and expertise in programme management, launch support, process design and supply chain management.

Jigsaw’s top tips for manufacturers:

  1. Build trust when collaborating: when Jigsaw work with clients they look to develop long term partnerships with the first step in any project being a diagnostic phase where issues, objectives and hard points are defined to build a clear measurable understanding and vision of project requirements. Jigsaw will not take on a project unless all parties are absolutely clear about the project smart deliverables. This helps ensure a successful outcome and builds the basis for long-term partnerships.
  2. Be open to learning from others: you get the most out of collaborations that is approached with an open mind.

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