Jigsaw Business Group supports NE Automotive Industry

Jigsaw Business Group supports NE Automotive Industry

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

We all do it,

If your business or team is struggling to deliver and you think you need additional support to get over your current work load or deliver that extra task, but are worried about the lack of time you have and the effort that is required to bring in any “help” in order for you get up to speed? Then you should talk to us at the Jigsaw Business Group.

At Jigsaw we think we are a bit different.

We have all had careers leading in the industries that we now service and have all had those moments too. So if you are looking to fill permanent or interim positions, improve processes, productivity and profitability or develop and launch new products or manage and develop your workforce skills or supply chain, talk to the team that has genuine insight and understanding and can deliver ‘solutions that fit’.

At Jigsaw we have proudly grown our business through reputation and recommendation and have developed specific services and tailored business models to meet the challenges of a broad range of specialised sectors, sectors in which we have operational and practical experience. We have built a team of experts supplemented by a network of highly skilled associates and can scale our resources to meet varying demands.

We work to the highest standards and have external verification for our procedures through ISO9001 certification across all our service areas.

If you would like to know if your business or team might benefit from the support of the Jigsaw Business Group team, please feel free to contact us and at no cost to you other than your time, we will arrange to meet with you to discuss your needs and to advise you if we have a solution that fits your needs. We understand that in business a real benefit needs to be felt if you are going to invest in the support of external services and this is why any offer of support that we might make you will always be in the form of a fully developed proposal with agreed deliverables, timing and costs inclusive of terms and conditions.

For examples of the type of support and solutions we have provided our clients please see the case study page on our website https://jigsawbusinessgroup.com/case-studies/

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