Jigsaw Business Group Welcomes Work Experience Student

Jigsaw Business Group Welcomes Work Experience Student

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

Earlier this year, Jigsaw Business Group welcomed A-level student, Jerin, to conduct her workplace experience week. This continued the effort Jigsaw has made to invest in the careers of young people passionate about STEM subjects, offering the opportunity to explore potential career paths.

Jerin spoke on being grateful for the experience she gathered throughout the week; undertaking several responsibilities within Jigsaw; and Ecusol – Jigsaw Business Group’s sister company. Reflecting on her time working with the team; she said,

Conducting my work experience with Jigsaw has provided me with an invaluable insight into the career path I may follow after finishing my education. The opportunity for women to explore a career in STEM is greater than ever before, and my week with Jigsaw allowed me to hopefully build the foundations of this journey.

From forecasting future financial projections with Helen, working closely with Darren in Jigsaw People; assisting with recruitment, and completing a solar quote with Olivia from Ecusol; I feel my work experience with Jigsaw Business Group has benefitted me greatly, and I’m looking forward to exploring my career options after completing my A-levels.


Jerin worked closely with Darren Comben; Head of Operations at Jigsaw Business Group, speaking on the opportunity Jigsaw provided her; Darren said,

Jerin has set a great example of how to make the most of your work experience opportunity. She made a fantastic impression from the moment she approached us directly through to the end of her week with us. Jerin carried out her research of Jigsaw Business Group and was able to integrate with the team immediately. The aim for Jigsaw Business Group was to give Jerin a well-rounded experience of business operations and finance to support her future studies and career.

This is now the 5th time we have supported students to gain work experience with a mix of ‘one week’, ‘3 months’ and ‘12 month’ tenures. It’s all about giving something back to the future generations who will go on to run our businesses. We wish Jerin all the very best.

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