Transforming Supply Chain Management with Jigsawsafe™®

Transforming Supply Chain Management with Jigsawsafe™®

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren


Since Jigsaw Business Group’s introduction of our new technology – Jigsawsafe™ – we have been greatly impressed by the overwhelming appetite from businesses across a broad range of STEM sectors looking to onboard it to transform their supply chain processes.

As the first technology of its type to be used as an integral tool in supply chain management to provide real evidential data to drive fact driven discussion and planning, since its launch – and in only a matter of weeks – we have had over 80 companies expressing a considerable interest. All of which are now exploring further how Jigsawsafe™ can be applied to their business.

We believe the interest is largely reflective of the current global business state of play, which is echoed in a recent global survey conducted by Bolloré Logistics and Transport Intelligence highlighting that seven-in-ten supply chain professionals have grave concerns that the Covid-19 pandemic will have a long-lasting effect on global supply chains with fears that globalisation is at serious risk.

Of 422 supply chain professionals, including shippers, service providers and final institutions, 76% agreed that real-time visibility of goods flows has become increasingly important.

Understanding the increasing need in this, our technology allows businesses to remotely see and verify in real time what is actually happening in a company’s supply chain. Teams – across various global locations – can now be “onsite” from their desk and be assured evidential data is captured securely, whilst also being tamper proof with any modifications auditable.

Companies we have spoken to have been seriously impressed by the capabilities of Jigsawsafe™, and to date, we have carried out over 20 demonstrations of the technology. Already being used as a pilot for one of Jigsaw Business Group’s longstanding client’s as part of a major project, we anticipate to see additional businesses implement the new technology by the end of this year.

With the need for such technology never being of such greater importance, we look forward to working with businesses across the globe to roll out Jigsawsafe™ and help them to protect their supply chain operations whilst also saving them significant time and money and driving a reduction in their carbon footprint.

For more information on Jigsawsafe™ and how it works, please visit here. If you would like to book a demonstration for your business, please email info@Jigsawsafe™.com.

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