Working for an industry leader with huge expertise in sophisticated thermoplastic parts manufacturing to advance the possibilities of lightweight automotive parts design for the global vehicle industry.

Job Overview:

As an Accounts Payable Specialist, you will play a crucial role in managing the financial transactions related to accounts payable. You will handle incoming invoices, banking transactions, and customer payments independently, ensuring accurate and timely processing. Your responsibilities will also include regular communication with customers to resolve payment issues and managing the payment process through the bank portal.


  1. Invoice Processing and Management:
  • Independently manage incoming invoices in the Priority system.
  • Organize and maintain the invoice registry, ensuring all invoices are recorded properly.
  • Verify invoice compliance with the German Commercial Code (HGB).
  • Coordinate signature collection to ensure invoices are reviewed for factual and arithmetic accuracy (Four Eyes Principle).
  • Match invoices with purchase orders and goods receipts.
  • Accurately assign accounts for each invoice and post payments to accounts payable.
  • Maintain an organized filing system for all processed invoices.
  1. Bank Transactions Handling:
  • Manage and post banking transactions in Priority.
  • Organize and register bank receipts and bank statements.
  • Post bank balances to the bank account and reconcile with invoices and other documents in Priority.
  • Account for bank costs accurately.
  • Reconcile bank balances regularly and maintain accurate records.
  • Ensure proper filing of all banking documents.
  1. Customer Payments Processing:
  • Post and allocate incoming customer payments in the bank system.
  • Reconcile payments with outgoing invoices, customer receipts, and other related documents.
  • Post customer payments in accounts receivable and account for bank costs.
  • Maintain detailed and organized records of all customer payment transactions.
  1. Dunning and Customer Communication:
  • Monitor open receivables regularly to ensure timely collection.
  • Contact customers to resolve payment delays and other related issues.
  • Maintain clear communication to ensure understanding and resolution of payment discrepancies.
  1. Payment Management via Bank Portal:
  • Prepare and process payments through the bank portal.
  • Maintain accurate payee bank details.
  • Verify payments post-approval by authorized personnel.
  • Reconcile payment lists with bank records and ensure accuracy.
  • Store and organize bank protocols for easy access and review.


  • Attention on detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Multi-tasking abilities

Education/Work Experience Requirements:

  • Vocational training or further training as an accountant, experience in accounting at least 3 years.

Experience and Skills:

  • Ensuring the confidentiality of all data.
  • Ability to post business transactions accordingly within the framework of the principles of proper accounting
  • Experience in using office software, booking experience in Priority or another ERP system

Language Skills

  • Good knowledge of spelling and grammar in German.
  • Good written and spoken English.

Computer Skills

  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

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