Quality Engineer

Location: Bystřice nad Pernštejnem / Czech Republic

Salary range:

2460 € – 3280 €  gross monthly                 60,000 CZK – 80,000 CZK  gross monthly

29523 € – 39360 €  gross annually            720,000 CZK – 960,000 CZK  gross annually


PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES (Duties required for successful job performance):

An experienced worker in the field of quality with experience in an automotive company, who is familiar with technical standards, can read engineering drawings. He wants to manage the process of building, maintaining and developing a quality system according to valid norms or industry standards.

The worker is the first point of contact for the customer and ensures all communication with the customer related to quality. Internally represents the customer’s interests related to quality.


  • timely sampling according to customer requirements (PPAP methodology unless specified otherwise by the customer) including processing of relevant documentation
  • securing physical samples of parts in production
  • sample registration, marking, storage and archiving
  • the current state of the physical samples
  • archiving the relevant documentation
  • keeping an overview of sampling and indicators for sampling / the status of the evaluation of sampling according to the relevant scale of the customer (e.g. VDA 1,3,6, etc.)
  • for PPAP prototype parts
  • for PPAP construction parts
  • ensuring the satisfaction of entrusted customers, transferring customer requirements and providing feedback to customers about improvements.
  • communicating and maintaining relationships with customers (via customer portals, physical customer visits, etc.) or coordination and resolution of customer complaints, including response within 24 hours “First response”
  • issuing 8D reports and complying with the internal regulation QPRC-3-ZDA – Customer complaint resolution
  • for the organization, design, cooperation, coordination and implementation of immediate measures in the event of a complaint
  • validating the effectiveness of corrective measures in cooperation with the “Process engineering” department
  • For the organization and effectiveness of the additional 100% control established to protect the customer or an external company. If an external company is used, you are responsible : communicating with the external company, entering and accepting the order and accepting the order, including performance monitoring and invoicing
  • for the organization of sorting actions for the benefit of the customer in his premises to ensure the flow of production
  • for compliance with the internal directive
  • for setting up the control operation including documentation, aids, method and control cycle for effective performance and its timely elimination.
  • for the processing and management of external indicators of customer satisfaction, including validation of the fulfillment of customer goals (ppm, number of complaints, costs of complaints, etc.)
  • for clarifying the goals for the next year as a follow-up to the goals achieved so far in the past year, if they are not set in a directive way, e.g. in customer portals
  • for processing reporting on the fulfillment of goals, customer satisfaction, costs of complaints
  • for the design and coordination of corrective measures to improve performance in order to maintain customer satisfaction (e.g. action plans, etc.)
  • creating and managing control plans following product changes, complaints, FMEA evaluations
  • archiving the relevant documents according to valid archiving procedures
  • informing production line workers about complaints, customer satisfaction and the effectiveness of corrective measures
  • the validation of invoices issued by the sorting company or other related invoicing with the cost of the assigned project
  • for processing and discussing deviations towards the customer
  • validating the effectiveness of corrective measures on the production line
  • for monitoring the development of internal scrap (internal PPM, % of scrap) and initiating corrective measures
  • reporting on the development of internal rejects, cp process suitability, cpk, and other quality indicators
  • the processing of internal reject analysis (e.g. Pareta – after defect, product, PPM, etc.)
  • immediately provides support in the event of a quality problem (stopping the line due to a quality problem – non-compliance with the customer’s TS), assessment of quality compliance with the customer’s requirements
  • for the validation of deviations in the electronic database – intranet towards the assessment of acceptability towards the customer
  • Adheres to the principles of environmental protection, EMS, OHS and PO
  • Follows the company’s quality policy and quality objectives.


Performs a daily review of information on the customer’s portal – complaints, invoicing, predicts costs within the given month

Performs tasks as directed by supervisor


as needed and determined – meetings in the APQP and PFMEA team

advice of the quality department, WAB

participates in customer visits to premises as needed

participates in visits to customers and suppliers as needed

training organized by the company to increase professional qualifications

Performs: 1 LPA audit per month

Corrective Actions for Audit Nonconformances


in the team for solving internal poor quality (micro team)

in the team of quality engineers

in the team for the start of new projects, transfers

on the product audit

during requalification exams

It has the authority to stop the production line in case of detection of production outside the technical specifications and customer requirements

Proceed in accordance with

ISO 14001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949

Integrated Management System (IMS) and Cooper Standard Operating System (CSOS)

Adequate quality / health, safety and environment (HSE) objectives

Internal procedures and guidelines


Obligation to stop machinery in case of danger to life

Obligation to stop delivery and stop mass production in order to eliminate the quality problem.

Performing other tasks as directed by supervisor.