2-Year 100% Retention Rate

2-Year 100% Retention Rate

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

2-year 100% Retention Rate

Here at, Jigsaw Business Group, we think we are a bit different. We align your job description with our vision of what your business needs to operate effectively. We give our expert opinion; based on experience of operating within the industries we have served for decades. As a result of this, we have been able to accomplish a lot with our clients. Most notably, achieving a 2-year 100% retention rate with our placed candidates.

What Does This Mean?

Offering our specialist recruitment service since 2010, we have worked with an extensive list of highly reputable clients. A 2-year 100% retention rate has been achieved through ensuring our communication with our clients is excellent. Understanding the role that your business is looking to fill and making sure the qualities and responsibilities for the role are relevant, and placing an emphasis on aligning potential candidates with your business’ ethos.


When engaging with our business, you can be assured that our services will only provide you with candidates that fit your business. With 100% of permanently placed candidates operating within our client’s business for at least 2 years.

5 Stage Recruitment Process

We only put forward candidates we would hire ourselves. Therefore, all successful candidates must go through our 5-stage recruitment process.

You can rest assured that we are providing you with only the best candidates, who can carry out all responsibilities required and who will fit into your business.

Hiring The Wrong Person

A poor mid-manager level recruitment can cost your business up to £132,000. This can be a candidate who is not the right fit for your business, or does not possess the qualities or experience required for the role. Our specialist recruitment services means that every candidate put forward must go through our 5-stage process. This ensures that your business does not face the consequences of hiring the wrong person.

Contact Us

When your business needs to find the perfect fit, contact Jigsaw Business Group for our specialist recruitment services. You can contact us at info@jigsawbusinessgroup.com, or, 0191 228 6596.


Source: REC, 2019

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