Top Benefits of Hiring Interim Professionals

Top Benefits of Hiring Interim Professionals

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

At Jigsaw People, we have a dedicated team connecting businesses all over the globe with the right interim professionals to assist with a specific project or offer assistance in a critical period. Hiring interims is often a preferred recruitment method for many of our clients. It comes with numerous advantages, including saving on time, money and resources. You can read more about the Jigsaw People recruitment consultancy service, including what our clients think of us here.


To summarise,


  1. Interim staff can offer quick assistance, for example in the case of a sudden departure.
  2. They are full of expertise and technical skills that they can bring to your organisation and specific projects.
  3. They offer a fresh, outsiders perspective which can help identify problems that your existing staff members may not have noticed.
  4. At Jigsaw, our interims transfer their knowledge to your existing staff so they can replicate our processes in the future.
  5. The Return on Investment can be substantial, as when a company is in crisis, the cost of failure would be much higher than the cost of hiring a Jigsaw interim professional.
  6. There is less risk involved when it comes to hiring interim employees over permanent as they can prove their success based on past experiences of similar projects.

Read our infographic on the surprising consequences of hiring the wrong person.

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