Employee poll on hybrid working jobs

Employee poll on hybrid working jobs

Nancy Miller

Written By Nancy Miller

Jigsaw Business Group have recently carried out a poll on LinkedIn, as we are being increasingly questioned by our clients and potential candidates on post Covid working practice.  

The outcome reveals interesting insights into both employee and employer preferences and the value placed on flexible work schedules and remote working options. 

Current working arrangements

Firstly, we asked employee’s what working options they were being offered by their current employer?: 

We found around one third (32%) of respondents advised their Employers are open to full time remote work arrangements. While around half (56%) being offered hybrid working models, of either 1-2 days or 2-4 days in the workplace, suggesting an acknowledgement of the benefits of both remote and in-person collaboration. Leaving only a relatively small portion of employers (13%) still preferring their staff to attend work all week, in person. We believe the overall openness to remote and hybrid working arrangements reflects the pragmatism of employer’s who are showing willingness to adapt to changing work and employment dynamics, this change has been enabled by the adoption of technology and driven by a shortage of available skilled labour, meaning employers do recognise the preference and value that employees place on a job that offers a level of remote working. 

Working preferences

Secondly, we asked employees what their working preferences would be? : 

The highest proportion of employees (37%) said they preferred the option of remote working, highlighting a significant preference for flexibility and autonomy in where and how they work. 

The hybrid models, where employees split their time between office work and remote work, also proved to garner substantial interest, with 28% advising they would prefer at least 1-2 days in the workplace and 17% preferring 2-4 days. With only 18% preferring mainly office or factory location, confirming a notable shift in preference towards remote or hybrid work models among employees. 

Working Hours

Thirdly, we were interested to know if individuals would want to work longer hours in the week and have a 3-day weekend? : 

 With all the recent articles in the news on the potential of a 4-day working week, and 89% of 61 organisations in the UK who trialled this for 6 months, making it permanent, the overwhelming majority of respondents (68%) told us they were in favour of a 4-day workweek and would be prepared to work extended hours. Accordingly, this indicates a strong desire for not just a flexible work location, but a condensed work schedule also. The significant preference for this option suggests that employees value having an extra day off while still fulfilling their work commitments.  

Interestingly 22% of respondents voted to have the option to work 4 or 5 days per week, indicating some employees were prepared to sacrifice working hours and remuneration, whilst 1% was not interested in any change and a relatively low percentage (9%) preferring a traditional 5-day workweek in the workplace suggests a shift in attitudes towards alternative work arrangements that allow optimum use of personal time. 

Closing thoughts on working practices

Overall, the outcome of the poll underscores a growing recognition of the importance of flexibility and work-life balance in the modern workplace. Both employees and employers appear to be open to exploring alternative work arrangements that accommodate individual needs and preferences while maintaining productivity and collaboration. As an employer, this might seem like an intimidating change to implement. However, as shown in our poll, hybrid working can be a way to attract and satisfy quality talent in a variety of industries. At the Jigsaw Business Group, we are always monitoring the landscape of recruitment, employment practices, training, supply chain, and more to help our clients reach their full potential. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team of business consultants about how you want your business to evolve. 

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