Should You Use a Recruitment Consultancy? – 5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter Over Doing It Yourself

Should You Use a Recruitment Consultancy? – 5 Benefits of Using a Recruiter Over Doing It Yourself

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

As a business, hiring someone to work for you is an extremely time consuming process, uses a lot of resources and can be very expensive. Often, it doesn’t work out; the employee may not be the right fit and the cost implications can be huge for an employer. An incorrect hire can cost a business over £132,000 (check out our infographic on the costs of a bad hire) so it’s certainly something you want to avoid. The following are just a few of the benefits of using a recruiter.

Much More Cost-Effective Option

Posting a vacancy on a single job site such as Indeed or LinkedIn can cost a lot of money for just 60 days advertising. To reach enough potential candidates, the vacancies need advertising on a number of sites and this price can then rack up. Recruitment consultants have unlimited access to various sites, making it a much more cost-effective option when hiring. In addition, you don’t have to worry about paying a fee if a recruiter fails to meet your expectations- you only pay for their services when a suitable candidate is found and offered the job!

Can Identify a Perfect Fit

Recruitment consultants are very knowledgeable on who to hire and how to avoid hiring the wrong employee. At Jigsaw Business Group, we have even more expertise as we have all serviced the industries that we now recruit for, meaning we are highly educated on the skills a candidate should possess and who is going to succeed in a certain role. We are extremely specific in who we put forward, so if a candidate doesn’t have the exact experience or possess all the required competencies, we won’t introduce them to you. For example, whilst working for a client of ours, a Global Tier One Automotive company, we received 6,505 candidate applications at 1st screen, submitted only 53, 30 of whom were interviewed and 14 were offered a position with a 100% retention rate.

Can Provide Interim Experts Immediately

If you’re looking to hire someone right away on a short-term basis, then a recruitment consultancy is the perfect place to turn to. This might include additional support for a new project or emergency cover for an existing employee. At Jigsaw, we have a pool of highly experienced practitioners all specialising in different areas who are instantly available. This allows businesses to hire and terminate a contract based on the demands of their business.

Negotiate Salaries

Recruiters already know a candidate’s salary expectations by the first stage of the application process, so another of the benefits of using a recruiter is that your time isn’t wasted going through the whole recruitment process and discovering that the salary match is completely off. In addition, if we find the perfect candidate and their salary expectations are slightly higher than what you’re willing to offer, we’ll negotiate with them and make sure they’re not lost to a competitor.

Identify the Most Suitable Candidates – Even If They’re Not Seeking a New Role


A lot of the time, the perfect candidate is unlikely to apply for a position as they’re not actively seeking new work, however it doesn’t mean they’re not open to new opportunities. Therefore, recruitment consultants go out and search for the best candidates, then contact them to see if they would be interested in the role. At Jigsaw, we don’t just wait for the perfect candidate to fill your position, we find them.



At Jigsaw, we are highly experienced in the entire recruitment process and in all the sectors we recruit for. For a timely and cost-effective solution to finding the most suitable candidate, with a 100% retention rate and consistent outstanding feedback from both clients and candidates, contact us.

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