Specialists in Business Improvement Programmes to the Wind Energy Sector

Specialists in Business Improvement Programmes to the Wind Energy Sector

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

This month we announce the launch of our Business Improvement programme to the wind energy sector.  

Iour 25 years of business, we have successfully carved a reputation for providing business improvement programmes to some of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, including Siemens and Vestas. 

The business is now using this almost three decades of experience to work with companies across the wind energy supply chain to deliver business improvement programmes that reduce costs and improve operational performance. 

Only recently we worked with one of the largest global wind turbine manufacturers to deliver a business improvement programme that included a rapid deployment of engineers across eight European sites combined with the introduction of a quality system for the launch of a new product line. 

The project also required providing additional support across the production process for the manufacturing of large parts, the casting of composite turbine blades and the assembly of integral elements of the turbine structure. 

As part of our continued efforts to deliver business improvement support to companies operating across the wind energy supply chain – and across other STEM manufacturing industries – we have also recently launched unique patented technology, Jigsawsafe™™, the first product of its type designed to support teams to collaborate remotely, gather and store data and safely enable teams across various global locations to be onsite from their desk. 

The technology is already proving to be a success in the wind energy sector with demo trials already underway with some of the sector’s largest brands. 

To find out how Jigsaw Business Group can support your business improvement needs and to request a demo of the Jigsawsafe™™ technology email info@jigsawsafe.com.   

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