Supply Chain Specialist Launches Brexit Support Package

Supply Chain Specialist Launches Brexit Support Package

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke business services. In preparation for Brexit, we launched a support package that will assist the management of supply chains and will support companies whose staff travel to work across the European Union. With our HQ in the North East of England, we have 25 years’ business experience and have carved a reputation for providing bespoke business services and transforming supply chains for global brands across Rail, Automotive, Renewables and many other STEM manufacturing Industries.

Over the last 10 months we have applied these skills to develop a roadmap that supports manufacturing and operational locations across Europe with both supply chain and the movement of staff and recruitment.

This includes:

  • A confirmed pool of in country EU contract staff across all 27 member countries
  • An established pool of UK staff who have Frontier Worker status
  • A country-by-country EU requirements matrix that identifies what is needed by citizens of UK Businesses to work in the EU
  • Patented secure monitoring technology that allows clients to remotely see and verify, in real time, what is happening in supply chains, enabling fact driven discussion and action planning to transform the way companies collaborate and manage their supply chains.

Brexit has placed additional administrative burdens on any UK business importing or exporting product and where staff need to work across the EU. This, combined with the recent impact of Covid-19, has created a fragility to the modern supply chain like never seen. Manufacturing businesses are now looking to design smarter, stronger, and more diverse supply chains where a balance of near shoring, lower cost manufacturing, and digitisation is seen as being key to building more robust supply chains and ensuring a lasting recovery. With our vast experience supporting the management of client supply chains across the EU and Asia, we can offer the same support to those companies now affected by the Brexit transition.

We have also recently launched a unique patented technology – Jigsawsafe™® – which has taken the market by storm as the first product of its type designed to support teams to collaborate remotely, gather and store data and safely enabling teams across various global locations to be onsite from their desk. Jigsawsafe™® is an e-Gemba that drives down costs, reduces response times, increases staff safety, limits carbon emissions, and eliminates supply chain fragility.

We are a world leading provider of business services, delivering supply chain management, business improvement, recruitment and training and development services. The business works in full accordance with all industry best practice standards including being certified to ISO9001:2015 across all its service areas.

To find out how Jigsaw Business Group can support your supply chain and Brexit support needs and to request a demo of the Jigsawsafe™ technology email info@Jigsawsafe™.com

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