Supply Chain Strengthening

Supply Chain Strengthening

Liron Oren

Written By Liron Oren

No-Deal Brexit

“Many companies are ill-prepared for a no-deal Brexit”. This is especially worrying in the current climate, as many manufacturing businesses are unsure of the effects a no deal Brexit may have.

Here at Jigsaw Business Group, we know our stuff! Offering services to strengthen supply chains, to ensure continual operations prior to, during and after Britain’s departure from the EU. If you are concerned as to how you can take necessary precautions to best prepare, continue reading.

Supplier Due Diligence

Conducting a supplier’s due diligence exposes the weak links in the supply chain which are most at risk to fail in the case of a no-deal Brexit. Jigsaw Business Group can conduct a supply chain audit for your business, assessing whether your suppliers have the necessary contingencies in place to continue operating in case of a no-deal. Jigsaw will identify the weak links and will propose a set of measures to counter the risks. We can work either with you or independently with your suppliers to mobilise those measures.


Warehouse Consolidation

Current concerns detail warnings that business readiness may be negatively impacted directly by seasonal variables in the event of a no-deal Brexit, citing availability of warehouse space and stockpiling as potential issues businesses may have to deal with. Jigsaw offers practical solutions to mediate this issue, including inventory optimisation, warehouse consolidation and alternative storage solutions.


Suppliers Project Management

In a time of businesses reacting to the volatile market, it is essential to remember that businesses’ circumstances can change very quickly. Jigsaw can follow up on your due diligence with a programme of risk mitigation actions, which will allow your business to eliminate potential issues that could put your operations at risk. A continued, proactive approach to managing your suppliers will help safeguard your business’ supply chain in the short and the long term – offering greater peace of mind, regardless of what happens on October 31st.


In this time of relative uncertainty, Jigsaw Business Group can help provide solutions to your concerns regarding how a no-deal Brexit could currently affect your business. We can assist in the creation of strategic and tactical, practical plans to prepare your company for a no-deal Brexit. Our services are ISO 9001 accredited, ensuring your business satisfies your key stakeholders, whilst also continually improving upon processes and saving costs.

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