Client: Calsonic Kansei

Location: Washington, UK

Services: Business Improvement

Project Summary

Jigsaw Business Group was commissioned by leading automotive specialist Calsonic Kansei to deploy a series of business improvements across its 1st tier injection moulded and painted parts division. The improvements implemented saw Jigsaw Business Group place two interim managers to enable significant improvements to capacity, quality and deliveries.  Now with a self-managed team, Calsonic Kansei benefits from savings of £69k per month on special transport, has reduced its staff overhead and scrappage materials, as well as significantly reduced its plant downtime. 

The Challenge

  • Calsonic Kansei recognised that it required a solution to improve a number of capacity and quality issues that were presenting a challenge with its customer deliveries and resulting in additional special transport charges being incurred; 
  • The company was looking for a skilled senior interim to be provided quickly to ensure that it could continue its business operations to the very highest standards, which the business is known for. 

Why Jigsaw Business Group

  • A proven track record with a team possessing real industry experience with empathy to support businesses accordingly understanding individual pain points;
  • Access to an impressive pool of STEM practitioners across the UK and further afield that are ready to be deployed; 

  • Unrivalled sector knowledge and technical expertise with an ability to look at things from a fresh perspective to deliver process driven solutions that help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline business operations;
  • A progressive company delivering premium level support services working in strict adherence with robust in-house best practices in accordance with all industry standards.

The Solution

  • Jigsaw Business Group provided a skilled Engineering Project Manager for the improvement project within the injection moulding facility. Following the successful appointment, the company took control of the painting to facilitate business performance and identified that to drive things forward it needed to also place an interim Paint Plant Manager, which Jigsaw Business Group was successful in doing;
  • The company further worked very closely with Calsonic Kansei’s material, planning and logistics department to implement a back to basic approach to product scheduling and monitoring, further delivering a full BoM review. This enabled buffer management with strategic inventory reduction via level scheduling and changeover reduction. ​

Key Achievements

Through an effective business improvement process combined with a series of pivotal interim appointments, Jigsaw Business Group successfully helped Calsonic Kansei to:  

  • Improve process monitoring and increase capabilities, as well as implement a self-managed team approach meaning staff were empowered and equipped to make the right decisions;
  • Reduce mould facility downtime by 60% by employing QCD methodologies and measures;
  • Reduce scrap from 40% to 2.4% in only a matter of four months;
  • Reduce overtime costs by shift realignments and improve PPM programs;
  • Eradicate special transport requirements resulting in a saving of £69K per month;
  • Increase ‘Right First Time’ by 20% within the first six weeks;
  • Implement a headcount reduction program achieving budget within four months.