Client: Faltec

Location: UK

Services: Jigsaw Business Improvement, Business Improvement

Project Summary

Jigsaw were asked by Faltec to help them manage 6 late product changes made by BMW, in a short amount of time, before launch.

The Challenge

  • 6 late changes were introduced by BMW and had to be incorporated before launch (<6 months)
  • In the absence of a pilot line, changes had to be introduced on equipment used for serial production
  • Line earmarked for production lacked capacity

Why Jigsaw Business Group

  • Unrivalled sector knowledge and technical expertise with an ability to look at things from a fresh perspective to deliver process driven solutions that help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline business operations;
  • Access to an impressive pool of STEM practitioners across the UK and further afield that are ready to be deployed;

  • A proven track record with a team possessing real industry experience, as such, possessing empathy to support businesses accordingly understanding individual pain points.

The Solution

Jigsaw provided a Senior Project Manager with experience in both manufacturing and product development to:

  • Manage the designated trial lines capacity to ensure production volumes were not impacted, including the support of improvements to the line’s capacity
  • Lead the Development Team with strict adherence to agreed deliverables and timing milestones
  • Hold regular reviews to keep the leadership team informed
  • Provide the OEM with single point of contact with regards to project deliverables
  • Manage all documentation submission with regards to the parts quality – PPAP documentation measurement reports, Part in tolerance & CPK, quality paperwork etc.,
  • Provide change management control

Key Achievements

  • Met all Quality & Delivery targets for the client and the OEM for the engineering changes
  • Zero impact on production
  • Increased customer satisfaction