Client: TactoTek Oy

Location: Finland

Services: Business Improvement, Supply Chain

Project Summary

TactoTek developed a novel technology –IMSE – that transforms the way electronics are designed and built. Trialled successfully in the construction industry, they were looking to get into the Automotive industry.

The Challenge

  • The challenge was to demonstrate Value and Cost and/or Technical advantage of IMSE to the Automotive sector to enable TactoTek to sell licenses to Tier# suppliers in the industry, and to move from a start-up to a recognised partner to the Automotive clients.

Why Jigsaw Business Group

  • Access to an impressive pool of STEM practitioners across the UK and further afield that are ready to be deployed;
  • Unrivalled sector knowledge and technical expertise with an ability to look at things from a fresh perspective to deliver process driven solutions that help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline business operations;

  • A proven track record with a team possessing real industry experience with empathy to support businesses accordingly understanding individual pain points;

The Solution

  • Jigsaw provided a team of Subject Matter Technical Experts (SMTEs) to work with the client’s team and provide deep analysis of IMSE competitiveness and value proposition .
  • Areas of study included manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, commercial and costing.
  • Using combined existing client data and external benchmarking, Jigsaw were able to put together comparisons to help TactoTek understand their own value proposition.

Key Achievements

  • Detailed business case, developed by Jigsaw, enabled TactoTek understand their cost competitiveness
  • Detailed engineering and customer requirements analysis enabled TactoTek to understand the gaps in their technology and position themselves accurately on the Technology Readiness (TRL) scale.
  • Jigsaw-developed blueprints for manufacturing cells and supply chain design enabled TactoTek understand the required investment for their projects and the possible scenarios for scaling up their business.
  • Detailed market analysis enabled TactoTek understand their relative position versus their target market’s cycle plans.