Client: Trend Marine

Location: UK

Services: Business Improvement

Project Summary

Needing fast improvements with their new projects, Trend Marine turned to Jigsaw to help speed up processes and remove bottlenecks.

The Challenge

  • The new projects had to be completed in just four months without impacting on existing projects
  • Engineering drawings delays created further bottlenecks downstream which could not be overcome regardless of improvements on shop floor.​

Why Jigsaw Business Group

  • Access to an impressive pool of STEM practitioners across the UK and further afield that are ready to be deployed;
  • Unrivalled sector knowledge and technical expertise with an ability to look at things from a fresh perspective to deliver process driven solutions that help businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and streamline business operations;

  • A proven track record with a team possessing real industry experience with empathy to support businesses accordingly understanding individual pain points;

The Solution

  • Jigsaw provided the project and shopfloor management resources to bring the projects back on track
  • Jigsaw developed the concept, planning and execution to outsource engineering drawings, including initial diagnostics, preparation of RFI and RFQ packages, Suppliers screening and negotiations, supplier selection and SLA development.
  • Jigsaw managed the improvement projects on the shopfloor to improve QCD

Key Achievements

  • Successful implementation of an integrated engineering function where most standard drawings are outsourced, that can be scaled up or down as necessary.
  • Other benefits are:​

-Annual savings ~£100k

-Upgrade to IT systems that can interface better with client’s systems​

-Process and ownership visibility, KPI’s and accountability​

-Improved quality and reduced input delays while increasing factory throughput & Customer OTD